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People with Learning Disabilities in Scotland: 2017 Health Needs Assessment Report

This report, commissioned by NHS Health Scotland, is an update of the 2004 Health Needs Assessment report. The original 2004 Health Needs Assessment report set out research evidence regarding the health needs of people with learning disabilities.


The 2017 update report presents an overview of influential research evidence; it is not intended to be an exhaustive systematic review of all research studies related to people with learning disabilities. That would be out with the scope and purpose of this update report. This updated report draws on the original health needs assessment format to report on and present an overview of the research evidence of the health needs experienced by people with learning disabilities. The report concludes with a series of recommendations to inform service priorities and delivery in the future.

Aims of the Health Needs Report

The aim of this updated health needs assessment report is to provide policy makers, service planners, service commissioners and funders and practitioners with a broad overview of the evidence of the health needs of adults with learning disabilities.


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