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Public Health Corps - Health information websites


This website was launched a little over a month ago. The aim of the site is to provide a platform to share quality health information with those in need. the hope is to be “Putting the Public Back in Public Health”  

The public health corps team is comprised of volunteers who are driven to educate and empower others to action, as well as paid experts working to incorporate market research with public health to identify and promote quality content. We hope that the resources we provide will empower others to make a difference in their community and will inform their personal health-related decisions.

Some of the websites highlighted so far are:

State-by-State Help for Family Caregivers

Guide to Housing | | Disability and Health

Benefits for People with Disabilities’s Guide to Disability Rights Laws 

Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities

Fire Safety and Disabilities Guide

Or visit the public health corps site for more links


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