Learning disabilities physiotherapy

In the field of Learning Disabilities Physiotherapists treat both adults and children (though in some areas children may be seen by generic Paediatric services). The role is wide and varied, and your specialist Physiotherapist will have experience and skills in working with the client group. As the Physical nature of clients difficulties can very greatly, there are many areas the Learning Disability Physiotherapist may advise on. The following is an indication of their area's of work, though not an exhaustive list:

- A major part of this role is 24-hour posture care, which involves assessment for equipment for optimal positioning day and night, including wheelchairs, Seating, orthotic provision and sleep systems.

- Another large part of the physiotherapists’ role is management of long-term conditions. This involves education and close links with family and carers to understand the nature of the conditions. This will also entail advice on individual management programmes.

- On occasion the physiotherapist may recommend specific treatment sessions such as hydrotherapy, rebound therapy and movement techniques.

- Finally a large part of the specialist Physiotherapists role is to be actively involved in health promotion. This may include  walking projects, gym sessions, swimming, cycling groups, horse riding etc. Many Physiotherapists are also involved in multi-disciplinary health screeing to aid early detection and treatment of health problems.