We welcome new members to the ACPPLD 

The ACPPLD membership year runs from 1st April till 31st March. If you wish to join us mid-year, your membership will still end on 31st March but your payment will be calculated pro-rata.  

We have 3 membership categories:

Qualified Physiotherapist or other Professional          £30 per year

Retired member or support worker                                £15 per year

Student or Unwaged                                                        £10 per year

How to join Online

You can join using our secure online process.  It typically takes 3-5 minutes (if you already have a CSP website account) and access to ACPPLD member content on the website is immediate.  

If you do not have a CSP website account you will need to create one first (you do not need to be a CSP member to create an account). To do so click on 'Register' and follow the instructions.  If you have an account but have forgotten your login details, click on 'login' and then click on 'reset your password'. You will get an email to enable you to reset your password

Our primary communication method with members is via email, and the link to our quarterly newsletter is distributed this way too, so it is vital that you update your email address with us if you change it

If you have any difficulties joining the ACPPLD please contact our membership secretary using the 'contact us' section of this website