Useful videos for people with learning disabilities - coming out of lockdown

These 5 videos regarding coming out of Lockdown, may be helpful for people with learning disabilities.

*Please note at this point in time the lockdown easing relates to England Only although the information in general may be of use across the UK*

How to support people with a learning disability ease out of lockdown

‘This video explains to carers and families how people with a learning disability might be feeling as we ease out of lockdown. This video also provides some tips and resources for carers and families to do with the person with a learning disability to help ease the transition out of lockdown.’  The link for our booklet on easing out of lockdown can be accessed from:


Coming Out of Lockdown

This video is for people with learning disabilities, to help them to understand the new rules as England comes out of the Coronavirus lockdown. It also provides guidance to help them adapt to these changes in rules. For more information and resources, click on the link below to access Moving Forward from Lockdown: A Resource Booklet for People with Learning Disabilities, Family Members and Carers:


Keeping Healthy

This is a video for people with a learning disability providing information and advice about having a healthy lifestyle.

For more information about staying healthy and wellbeing advice on moving out of lockdown, please see our ‘Moving out of Lockdown’ booklet:


Feeling Anxious when coming out of lockdown

This video explains to people with learning disabilities that it is normal to feel worried or anxious about coming out of lockdown and offers advice on how to manage their feelings and emotions that arise due to lockdown ending.

You can access a template for making a coming out of lockdown plan as well as other resources in our moving forward from lockdown booklet:


Understanding depression

This video explains how a person with a Learning Disability might experience depression. It will outline how you might feel and give some suggestions and activities that might help you feel better. For more information on Depression and Low Mood for people with Learning Disabilities, please click on the link in the description box for the easing out of lockdown booklet.

For more information please see our ‘Moving out of Lockdown’ booklet: