The role of the Specialist Learning Disability Physiotherapist - animation launch !


The role of Specialist LD Physiotherapist animation

The ACPPLD are excited to launch a 3-minute animation about the Role of the Specialist Learning Disability Physiotherapist. This builds on our successful ‘So your next patient has a learning disability – A guide for physiotherapists’ animation launched in 2023.

There are many reasons why adults who have a learning disability may need physiotherapy support. This is because of physical disabilities caused by conditions such as cerebral palsy, early aging, an increased risk of injuries and falls and the impact of sedentary and potentially unhealthy lifestyle choices. Most people with a learning disability can access mainstream physiotherapy services with reasonable adjustments. But some may need support that goes beyond what is possible and reasonable. This is where a specialist learning disability physiotherapist can help.


The animation explores the specialist adjustments learning disability physiotherapists make and their specialist role with the aim to raise aware to the role and improve the physiotherapy outcomes for people with a learning disability.


The animation is available at The Role of the Specialist Learning Disability Physiotherapist - YouTube


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We encourage all physiotherapists to share the animation with your colleagues, patients and their care networks and the multidisciplinary team.


Together we can help more people with a learning disability get the best physiotherapy care.

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