NHS England backs innovative care initiative

The Shared Lives model will support people who have needs which make it hard for them to live on their own, by matching them with a carer to share their family and lives, giving care and support in the community. 

People using the scheme may have learning disabilities, dementia, mental health problems or other needs which require long or short term support. It will offer them the opportunity to either live with their matched and approved Shared Lives carer, or visit them regularly for day support or overnight breaks.

Some NHS commissioners and providers already commission Shared Lives, but NHS England have now invested £1.75m in start-up and development funding, which will enable 6 - 10 areas to develop new NHS services on a match-funded basis. Two regions where there is most interest in the model will receive extra support as ‘accelerator regions’.

For more information about Shared Lives please contact Tim Moore, Communications Manager at Shared Lives Plus on 07881 521269 or 0151 227 3499, or visit the Shared Lives Plus website.

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