Call for posters

Do you have an example of a good piece of work you want to share with your fellow ACPPLD members? Have you already got or could you make a poster to share your story? If so, read on........At the Annual Learning event 2018 we are having a poster event and this is the official call for Posters

We hope that people can take just 30 minutes to make up a Poster to show off the good work they have done this year. If you dont know where to start then don’t panic, we’ve attached a guide (below) on how to do it, and its actually quite easy! Please don’t be shy, it’s not got to be ground breaking, just something that others would be interested to read about.

If you already have a poster that you have prepared for another event, please feel free to share these too. The guidance document is just a suggestion for those creating new posters. We are aware that different events may have different rules on font size etc but here at ACPPLD we aren't fussy, so please feel free to submit any posters you’ve made in the past, not matter what style they take!

You also don’t have to come to the ALE to send us a poster, it’s about sharing good practice and get us better at using the more modern ways of showcasing our talents. If you have any questions then get in touch with the organisers us at: where we can offer some support.

Cant wait to see all those examples of good practice!

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